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Case Study

New Brand Launch

Just Chill: A Coherent Extension Into Gourmet Syrups.

Client: IFFCO Beverage Solutions, Dubai.

Category: Cocktail Syrups

Interventions: Packaging Design

IFFCO Beverage Solutions’ Just Chill brand plays across a wide portfolio of hot & cold beverages with products targeted at both end consumers as well as retail businesses.

Post the successful launch of its Karak Chai, the brand was looking to extend into the gourmet cocktail syrups category targeting the UAE’s resto bars, coffee shops & mini cafes. As an institutional brand, Just Chill had already established itself with its sauces, instant tea mixes & iced beverages.

Our brief was to craft packaging design that would make the product stand out in typical bar shelves. Also, the design architecture needed to be flexible to adapt new product line extensions & flavour variants in the future.

Our Approach

Behind our design approach were two core objectives:

1) Reinforce the Just Chill brand. A dominant proportion of the label was assigned to the logo done in reverse against a rich black for instant recognizability.

2) Simplify Product Identification: To make it simple and intuitive for the primary user (bartender) to navigate through the 17 different flavours, we used a combination of clean, bold typography, sharp colour palette choices & simple imagery. Subdued hand-drawn tonal visuals of the ingredient were used as supporting styling elements to cue the gourmet nature of the brand.

A sharp choice of colours assisted with a bold, modern typeface to call out the variants & prominent, uncluttered imagery helped meet core objectives of the design: brand identity reinforcement & intuitive user navigability across all 17 variants.